Have a BIG Dreams? Why not?


Dreams lead people to be what they want in the future. This is only 3 of my dreams. If you say that this is ordinary? It is not! It is extraordinary, well for me it is. Simple but BIG! But if you disagree with it, just get the hell out of my blog then. Hahaha

1. I am collecting stamps on my passport.

Simple but BIG, yes because I have to get the stamp from airport immigration officer. People say I’m crazy about the statement that I will to step on 5 continents before 27 and if God gave me chance to take my master study in Europe, I will to step on 27 European Union countries in 2 years. Hahaha. I always dream about I am visiting popular places in the world. Clear meaning: Traveling all around the world!

2. I am the darkest in the middle of light-color heads.

This means for literally darkest head in the middle of light-color head, being the the minority black hair in the middle of blonde, caramel-color, ash blonde, etc hair. Being the minority of dark brown eyes, in the middle of blue or green or gray eyes. Even in Korea, I am still the darkest head, it is because many people dyed their hair. Hahaha. Why I really want to do this? Simple, I want to claim my right to be FREE, like I don’t have to think about what people think about dress that I wear, what color is my hair, or what I actually think of. Clear meaning: Living abroad! (US? or EU maybe? Hahaha)

3. I work at “Manhattan Business District” environment.

Work at an environment where there is towers and high building is one of my dream, I always think about Manhattan Business District, but it is not literally in Manhattan actually. I always dream that I wear formal-fashionable-suit walking across the street and get in into one of buildings there, bring a Caramel Latte from Starbucks in my hand, with other people also busy walking to their office. I didn’t say that I work in New York. Clear meaning: I work in an environment like “Manhattan Business District” (Sydney City? Japan?)

If you said that I am dreaming, YES I AM DREAMING and it will turns to be real. Everything start from dreams, and after that put many efforts to pursuit it! For me, have a BIG dream? Why not?

Still disagree? Shut the hell up! Hahahaha


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