Happy Birthday Ayah!! (^^,)v


오늘은 우리 아빠 생일이에요, 그래서 생일 축하해, 아빠 … 난 정말 사랑 해요! :*

Above is the beloved birthday boy ayah..hahahaha

today is my beloved father birthday, well we didn’t prepare something big for the surprise party but i’m pretty happy because i can play “happy birthday” song with my violin.. ayah, sorry i can’t give you any present better than playing violin, but i promise to give you more love.. 😀 ehehehe our house is really fun because both of my brothers gathered, yeah it is been a long time since the last time we celebrate a birthday party with a complete family member.. the more happier thing is, i have a niece and a nephew that joined in the celebration, even i am not really like kids, but especially for these 2 kids, they are excellent!! love it!! 🙂

below are my mother, and by brothers.. also with their kiddos!! hahaha

and this is when i played the happy birthday song for my beloved ayah!! love u!!

생일 축하해, 아빠, 사랑해! :*

😀 😀


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