it is hard, it is sucks, it is weird zzz *apasih*


shit, today really really really something hard for me.. yeah even i’m still smiling and laughing with other, but i am pretty sure that there is something wrong.. i just think that today is really sucks since i woke up..starts from a sucks news from my lecturer, then waiting 3 hours in dentist for 9 minutes services, and ends with there is someone following me when i go back to home.. damn!! what the hell is going on man?? today is really “great” zzzzz

but thanks a bunch to Lodewijk and sorry to Ajie, for a fun-and-joy-but-stressful-Negotiation Course-team in the same time..with a lot of threats and physical violations..hahaha..because of both of you, i temporarily forget my sucks thingy today..thanks for the last minutes cooperation and sorry for being a suddenly traitor, well at least i got everything i want..hahahaha..


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