SCAMPER makes everything POSSIBLE


today’s word inspired by toasted sandwich that i ate this evening..ahahaha πŸ˜€
so, we’ll gonna talk about SCAMPER..what is SCAMPER and its relation with toasted sandwich??
well, it is unrelated actually, but i will explain briefly what is SCAMPER using sandwich toaster as its example..
*and of course we will also do some imagination

so, SCAMPER is a method to ease an innovation process..
this is toaster that we can found in our kitchen..

S for Subtitute
first, find the weakness of the object, in this case the weakness from our sandwich toaster is using electricity as its energy source, to reduce the using of electricity, we can subtitute the energy source with light energy, like what we can find in calculator.. πŸ˜€

C for Combine
we also can innovate the toaster by combining the coffee maker with it. people usually eat sandwich with some coffee to drink right? so we can make it easier to make both of them in the same time without have to use kettle to boil the water.

A for Adapt
to fulfill our needed, we have to adapt the toaster with present condition like we can add temperature controller, so we can set our scorched level of the sandwich that we will eat.

M for Modify
as we know, the toaster has a timer that form only a light, to make it easier to know when the sandwich ready without have to watch over the light, it is good if we modify the timer with alarm, so we can do another activity when we waiting the sandwich.

P for Put the Other Use
add a software that provide so many recipe for breakfast menu that made from bread and it is connected to internet so it will updated everytime there is new menu, so we can try new menu with the toaster.

E for Eliminate
we can eliminate the logam magerial in the outside toaster to reduce burn, we can use plastic material for the outside, especially in the edge of the grill side.

R for Rearrange
we can rearrange the design of scorched shape, to make kids have an appetite it is good if we design a cute scorched shape that we can change everyday, so it will not bored πŸ˜€

Well, SCAMPER make the toaster great and very sophisticated technology, right?
this method make people easier to do some innovation..
so, ready to have toasted sandwich with a cup of coffee??

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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